Mike Kimball, CPA

Tax advisor for
business use of yachts   (page 2)

As mentioned, the practical planning opportunities and strategies for your yacht depend largely on your individual circumstances and objectives.  If you would like advice about business and tax planning, please send an explanation of the facts and objectives you would like us to consider. It can be transmitted via FAX to Mike Kimball, CPA at 903-597-3811, or you can Email it to
mikek@yachtstaxadvisor.com.  Please include your phone number and convenient time to discuss this engagement.   

You will be contacted before we begin. An estimate of the costs (which usually range from $1,500 to $3,000) of the services will be provided. When the analysis is complete you will receive a letter of recommendations.  Depending on the circumstances, this letter usually includes the following:

    - Statement of circumstances and objectives:
    - Recommendations for conducting business
    - Explanation and references to applicable
           tax rules: and
    - Recommendations for accounting, record
           keeping and tax return disclosures:

We will be pleased to help implement these recommendations and continue to serve as your advisor. We will also assist with accounting and tax reporting procedures at your request.

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I bought my first large Hatteras in 1993. Mike has advised me and handled the tax filings since day one. Besides helping me to make a little money chartering the boats, he has shown me how to use the boats to promote my investment consulting practice.

John R., New York, NY