Mike Kimball, CPA

Charter Survey        (page 2)

After this analysis is complete we provide a letter of findings and recommendations. In most cases, depending on your circumstances, this letter includes recommendations about:

Advisability of incorporation and making an
S corporation election;

Financing alternatives; and

Tax return reporting positions (i.e. for-profit business or investment, vacation home, deminimis chartering, or hobby charters).

These recommendations, when implemented, may save thousands of dollars of income tax over the term of your investment, and you will have the assurance of knowing that authoritative support exists to defend your tax returns in case of an IRS challenge.

The cost of the Charter Survey engagement ranges from about $300 to $800, of which about $300 applies to preparation of the projected financial statements. We request a retainer of $300. The remaining charges will be billed when the work is complete.

To expedite your engagement, please print and complete the
Charter Boat Questionnaire. Then fax it to Mike Kimball, CPA at 903-597-3811. 

We will review this information and call you before proceeding. Please make a note if you have any particular questions that concern you and we will try to answer them during this phone call. You may call Mike Kimball at 903-561-9555 if you would like to discuss the engagement before faxing the forms, or Email him at

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