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Charter Boat Questionnaire (Page 1 of 2)
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Note: All information on this questionnaire is considered confidential. 

Page 1 - Personal

Name: __________________________________________

Address: __________________________________

City: ____________________   State: _________________    Zip: ____________

Home Phone: _________________ Work Phone: __________________

E-mail: ________________________________

1. Principal occupation and investments?

2. Objectives:
    Recreational use? (Very important-please be specific.)

    Personal participation in chartering operation of boat?

3. Preference if choice of tax planning and reporting positions available?
      (Aggressive, reasonable but less IRS exposure, conservative)

4. How long do you expect to own this boat?

5. What do you expect to do with it after it is removed from charter service?
      (Sell, trade, convert to personal use, other)

6. Do you presently own more than one residence for which you claim
     mortgage interest deductions?

7. May we discuss this matter with your primary accountant or tax advisor?
    If so, please provide name and phone number.

8. If you choose not to buy a charter boat, is it likely that you will buy or
continue to own a boat used exclusively for recreational use?

9. Please include any other information you feel is pertinent, or any
specific concerns or questions you would like us to consider.

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